Lululemon iOS App

Built features for Lululemon app, which included Afterpay implementation, Wishlists, and analytics.

Company - Lululemon
Technology - Swift
Role - iOS Engineer

Beats iPad App

Built the app that is used in the Apple Store to showcase Beats headphones.

Company - Apple/Firstborn
Technology - Swift
Role - Mobile Software Engineer

Coffee Meets Bagel iOS App

Built features for CMB dating app, which included subscriptions, Discover filters, Boost, and Likes You section.

Company - Coffee Meets Bagel
Technology - Swift, CoreData
Role - Mobile Software Engineer

Crave It iOS App

Architected and built iOS app from a concept to initial iOS Store release for startup CraveIt. Worked with UI/UX and backend developers to implement a smooth working process.

Company - CraveIt
Technology - Swift, CoreLocation
Role - Tech Director/Engineer

Nike SIM iOS App

Built and launched Nike's Store Inventory Management app used in the retail stores globally.

Company - Nike
Technology - Swift
Role - iOS Engineer

Nike Golf Club iOS App

Built Nike Golf iOS app, which included geolocation, geotracking, trophy achievements, and player challenges

Agency - R/GA
Technology - Swift, CoreData, CoreLocation, CoreAudio
Role - Senior Software Engineer

Hathaway Cruise iOS App

Built a prototype app for Hathaway Cruiselines. Allowed the use to go through the process of booking their packages, updating and deleting packages while onboard, and checking their current schedule

Client - Ogilvy
Technology - Swift, CoreData
Role - Senior Developer

Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Sweet Talk iOS App

Built the first version of the Sweet Talk iPhone app for Wrigley's Gum

Agency - EVB
Technology - Objective-C
Role - Senior Developer

Spotify Cannes Kiosk

Worked with Obscura Digital to build large format interactive touch-screen installations in the 'Spotify House' at Cannes Lions 2014, France.

Agency - Obscura Digital
Technology - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
Role - Lead Developer

Toyota Mirai

Toyota's Fueled By Everything website built in a modular way so that the client could role out different sections when the videos were released every few weeks.

Agency - Droga5
Technology - HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Role - Senior Developer

Official WEEN iOS App

Built official iOS app for WEEN which included tour mapping, album discography, streaming WEEN Radio

Client - WEEN
Technology - Objective-C
Role - Senior Developer

Ever After High

Built an interactive video player that allowed the user to choose the path that they want the video to take.

Agency - ThisMoment
Technology - HTML, AS3, JavaScript
Role - Senior Developer

Interpol Official Website

Official Webmaster for the band Interpol. Built a custom CMS tool to allow their management to update news, tour dates and album releases.

Client - Interpol/B23 Management
Technology - PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Role - Webmaster

Interpol Antics

As part of their record release, this microsite was built to showcase songs off the album, as well as to show unreleased images and videos.

Client - Matador Records
Technology - AS3, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP
Role - Webmaster

Pixies Music

Built and maintained website for the Pixies reunion tour. Sold tickets and merchandise through the website.

Client - Pixies
Technology - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP
Role - Webmaster

Ford Innovations

Built a 3D Experience which allowed the user to navigate in a room and choose from the 4 different innovaction experiences: Innovation, Technology, Safety, and Design.

Client - Razorfish
Technology - AS3, Custom 3D Engine
Role - Senior Developer

Beef Association

Built out a section for the Beef Council website to showcase videos the client planned on rolling out.

Agency - R/GA
Technology - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Middleman, Ruby
Role - Senior Developer

Fisher Investments

Created HTML templates for use in the backend for Fisher Investments

Agency - Extractable
Technology - HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Role - Senior Developer

City Center Las Vegas

Built out video player, photos view, properties directory and video navigation for the opening of City Center Las Vegas Hotel properties.

Agency - SK&G Advertising
Technology - HTML, AS3
Role - Senior Developer